Why entrepreneurs cannot undermine the importance of yoga and meditation

It is no secret that spirituality and entrepreneurship don’t seem to be connected in any way, if you look at these terms from a general point of view.

While spirituality is all about connecting with the divine power on the back of set beliefs and distancing from thoughts that may collapse the foundation of faith, entrepreneurship is related with finding the feet in a real and practical world with regards to fulfilling the business objectives. The synonym of spirituality is meditation, whereas entrepreneurship is concerned with profit making. 

However, at some point in their life, most of the entrepreneurs recognize that both the terms have something in common that could possibly create more chances for them during the course of their journey.

Those who realize the same in due timeoften end up making a huge mark in the entrepreneurial orbit, instead of solely focusing on making profit and draining themselves physically, as well as mentally.

A conscious approach to entrepreneurship, while also taking time for meditation or yoga, could prove to be a game-changer for any individual.

It may seem to be a new concept in theory, but there are many real life examples of business people turning to spiritualty to strike the right balance in their personal and professional life. The trend is certainly catching up, especially after the prevalence of yoga institutes and meditation centers all across the world.    

Many leading business personalities have admitted their love-affair with Yoga to overcome the drawbacks of their monotonous lifestyle.One such Leader and an Entrepreneur, Rajat Khare, the founder of global investment firm Boundary Holding, who believes that yoga has shaped his understanding of entrepreneurship.

According to RajatKhare, yoga and meditation have had a great impact on his entrepreneurial career. The spiritual part of his journey has not only kept him focused in his professional life, but also helped in balancing the emotions, he says on his Facebook page dedicated to yoga.

On the other hand, renowned entrepreneur Russel Simmons often speaksabout the role of yoga in his life, and how it has become an integral part of his journey from the last 20 years. He credits it with nurturing the creativeside of himself to build a massive business empire. Many notable business people practice yoga to increase their focus and clarity to make better decisions in the nick of time.

Several studies have been conducted to analyze how entrepreneurs who practice yoga or meditation fare during the decisive moments in their life, over the ones who are not concerned with spirituality. The results have undoubtedly favored the spiritual entrepreneurs over their counterparts, making a case to give enough importance to meditation and yoga, instead of separating these terms from entrepreneurship.

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