Why entrepreneurs cannot undermine the importance of yoga and meditation

It is no secret that spirituality and entrepreneurship don’t seem to be connected in any way, if you look at these terms from a general point of view. While spirituality is all about connecting with the divine power on the back of set beliefs and distancing from thoughts that may collapse the foundation of faith, entrepreneurship is related with finding the feet in a real and practical world with regards to fulfilling the business objectives. The synonym of spirituality is meditation, whereas entrepreneurship is concerned with profit making.  However, at…

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Is autonomous technology the solution to fight water pollution?

The quantity of plastic waste is rapidly increasing in rivers, lakes and oceans across the world. Over 245 million tonnes of plastic wasteis floating on the surface of oceans, while tonnes of heavy waste materials are present on the floor of these oceans. The presence of plastic waste in waterways has affected all kinds of living beings, including birds, fish, humans, etc. One of the largest patches of floating plastic and other waste materials present on the surface of oceans is spread over 1.6 million square kilometres in the pacific.…

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