Matt Nagy appreciative for how Chicago Bears dealt with ‘interruptions’ to take out prevail upon Detroit Lions

Matt Nagy could let out a murmur of alleviation on Thanksgiving.

With all the examination the Chicago Bears mentor confronted in regards to his work status over the previous week, the 16-14 triumph over the Lions made him incredibly grateful for a genuinely necessary festival as they snapped a five-game losing slide.

“When there’s distractions, which is in every sport, in all facets of life — there’s always going to be distractions,” Nagy said. “It’s how you handle them. And again, we got the win today, and it could’ve went a lot of different ways. But the reason why we got the win is because of how they handled the distractions, you know? That’s where to me, when you’re in this business and you lead people, it’s my job to make sure of honest and open communication. That’s where, for me, I just can’t tell you how much this win means today to me because of what they did.”

Contention encompassed the Bears this week after wrote about Tuesday that the Bears had as of now educated Nagy that Thanksgiving’s down against the Lions would be his last, paying little mind to the result. Nagy immovably rejected that report, calling it “false,” and Bears group administrator George McCaskey tended to players Wednesday, building up to them that Nagy would not be terminated after the game.

Despite the fact that players wouldn’t carefully describe the gathering, quarterback Andy Dalton said the external commotion didn’t draw near the group as it had the option to finish off the success with a last-second 28-yard field objective by kicker Cairo Santos.

The Bears drove the ball 18 plays over the last 8:30 of the game prior to kicking the match dominating field objective as time lapsed for their first success since Week 5.

“I think that, like I said, there’s a lot that has gone on,” said Dalton, who turned into the main Bears QB with a 300-yard passing game since Nick Foles did it in Week 9 of the 2020 season. “The main thing is the folks in the storage space remaining together all through everything.

“Regardless of what’s being reported, regardless of what’s going on in the outside and stuff, there’s still a lot of season left. For us, the focus is on winning games. I think that’s the biggest thing for us is just doing everything we can to put our best foot forward and to make the most of the next one, and that was today, and we did that.”

Since the Bears have a success, Nagy is hoping to continue on ahead to keep this group secured.

Nagy said he hasn’t permitted the gab about his work status to hurt his capacity to mentor the group and that it hasn’t impacted him on an individual level in view of his emotionally supportive network set up. He desires to proceed with that with all that presently cleared up.

“Again, for me, there is only my understanding, which is what it’s been since the day I signed up to be this coach, is to win as many games as I can possibly win, and do it the right way,” Nagy said of his comprehension of his employer stability pushing ahead. “When you lose five games in a row, you understand. When you’re 3-7, you know what territory it can get to. You know what I mean? That comes with the job. I knew that four years ago when I took this, and so here we are. Every week is a little bit different.

“This one was definitely different. This is one of those weeks where you use it moving forward. You don’t make any predictions, but what you do is when you go home on that plane tonight and everyone’s having a good time because they’re able to celebrate and have fun watching the tape and enjoy their Thanksgiving and get back to being healthy and understand what games are next, but the only game that matters is Arizona coming up. That’s it. So again, for me, the only thing I can say to those players is that I appreciate them and we have a hell of a group of guys, players and coaches, and they showed it today by getting a win.”

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