ENGELSINN: From Fledgling Jewelry Brand to Global Sensation

Delicate jewellery gives women a more feminine look. It is worn to enhance her beauty, adding a chic element to her outfit. Wearing one or two pieces of jewellery makes you look more put together, you come off as someone who took an effort in styling themself. If delicate jewellery is your forte then you must take a look at the collection by ENGELSINN. Their collection and aesthetics are on par, making them one of the most sought jewellery brands. Their customers are happy with their product and their services, which is great news if you’re a jewellery enthusiast or just happen to be looking into it. 

ENGELSINN is an international jewellery brand. They are based in Germany but they ship their products worldwide. Visit their website and take a look at the variety they are providing. The jewellery they send includes bracelets, necklaces, rings and more unique jewellery. The best part about ENGELSINN is that you can also shop on their website if you’re on a tight budget because they offer jewellery in low and high price ranges. Shopping online is concerning because people fear that their problems and doubts won’t be catered. It seems as if this brand recognizes this problem because they have excellent customer support that responds to their customer. 

“You are loved. You are blessed. You are beautiful! – That’s the message ENGELSINN bring you!” this is the enthusiasm that they have for their customers. Their hardworking team came up with this motto which embodies what their brand represents. Michel Kania is their chief who binds the team together which has talented employees like Pascal Beck, Yannick Buchhauser, Benedikt Buchhauser. These 20 people have built this brand from scratch since 19/4/2019 which is pretty impressive considering that they started amidst the lockdown. 

Their sheer hard work and dedication have earned them more than 352k followers on Instagram. This is huge for a brand just starting up. They have a strong online presence which is contributing to their growth. People all around the world have bought jewellery from them and you can see them appreciating their customers by posting their pictures on Instagram. Their collection is so diverse that it has something for almost everyone. They harnessed the power of the current world crisis to grow their online business. So now you know which jewellery brand you should be looking out for. 


ENGELSINN: Transporting People to a World of their Own Offering Elegant Jewelry Items and Accessories

The Germany based online store offers a well-crafted jewelry collection for people worldwide.

Many new online companies can come overnight promising a variety of product ranges in a particular niche, but as soon as they enter the market, they even vanish from the industry at a faster rate because they only strive to earn more profits and not pay attention to developing their brand from scratch. This is a common story in almost all business industries. The reason behind brands not working out in the competitive world is their lack of consistency and resilience to adapt to the changing trends of the industry. Especially when it comes to e-commerce sites, where the online world is full of many such brands, it becomes even more essential to hang in there, face the adversities of an industry and then rise above the struggles to sustain as a new brand. ENGELSINN serves as a great example of a brand that hanged in there, did not give up even as a small team of 4 when it had started and carved a special place for itself in the deep ocean of online jewelry brands by growing itself today as one of the best with a team of 20 members already.

It takes courage and a collective effort of a team that can bring the best ideas on the table, and transform those ideas into strategies that can work the best for developing and growing the brand. ENGELSINN, a brand from Germany, when started its operations did not know would soon become an international e-commerce brand in a matter of just a year. This shows the perseverance of the team and the churning of fresh ideas that culminated into artistic designs for the jewelry items and accessories.

Nothing looks more stunning on women and men both than wearing magnificent accessories to complete a look. Many brands can offer a variety of products in the same, but only a few can come up with distinctive designs every time they introduce new collection on their online store. ENGELSINN stands apart from others even in this department, where it offers people jewelry items and ornaments in all shapes and sizes and with designs that can take an individual’s breath away.

When it comes to Instagram, a brand can fully utilize the online medium by consistently putting posts on their products or any new product launches; this attracts more followers on the medium and compels them to visit the website to make the purchase. People love easy and fast response and social media platforms have made this possible for all with instant replies and responses on feedbacks and queries. ENGELSINN too has grown to be an excellent brand with being in constant contact, encouraging more interaction with people on social media and through their user-friendly website,


It is a brand that gives an opportunity to all for choosing the best products for themselves to suit their style and comfort. The jewels for females and the bands for males, all their products offer something new and different, making the brand even more unique in its niche. The delivery services of e-commerce brands are also of great importance and ENGELSINN focuses on the timely delivery of products, ensuring safety as well for the same.

What’s even more amazing about this brand is that they remain open all the time and also keep the interaction going with customers, paying detailed attention to creating and delivering quality products.

Instagram: @EngelsInn