2024 Tesla Model 3 Performance Displays the Full Splendour of its Ridiculously Branded Vortex

These days, Tesla has been spotted producing multiple new promotional videos. In addition to the “Superchargers for all” advertisement that emphasises how simple it is to charge non-Tesla vehicles, a pre-release film is now being produced for the 2024 Model 3 Highland Performance variant.

Now in Valencia, Spain, the Tesla film crew is filming the Model 3 Performance—finally free of the test mule camouflage. The Performance sedan’s exterior is immediately and visibly different from the Model 3 Highland LR.

Indeed, a badge featuring Tesla’s ridiculous vortex on the rear exists, derived from the Spaceballs parody film from the 1980s. It has an aggressive and more aerodynamic appearance thanks to the trisectional diffuser, rear spoiler, and front lip split. The red brake callipers and lower suspension that the 2024 Performance previously broke also do this.

Last but not least, the white leather bucket seats improve the lateral support during rapid turns, which the car will undoubtedly be able to perform, and they also contribute to the interior’s sportier vibe. Range and acceleration are the only 2024 Model 3 Performance specifications that are currently known, however it is quite likely that the 0–60 mph time will be less than three seconds.

However, the Model 3 LR will likely cost around 30% less than the Highland’s Performance version, meaning that all that ridiculous acceleration will come with a price.

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