According to his complete explanations about rap and hip-hop, Montony also gives information to the readers of this news to give his audience more familiarity with his work style.

Hip Hop in English Hip Hop, which is mistakenly called rap style in some sources, is one of the new styles of music that has American roots like many of the main styles of music. African Americans and Latinos from the Bronx neighborhood of New York, one of the northernmost neighborhoods of New York City (north of Manhattan), were the main creators of this style in the 70s. Singing in the form of rhythmic and rhyming speech, along with rapping, is one of the main characteristics of this style.

The hip hop style generally has the following four main characteristics:

MCing/rapping – rapping and in some cases together with the whole, and in popular terms, rapping

DJing/scratching – DJing is the act of mixing music or pre-recorded songs by a DJ, a person who controls and manages them, using a disc player and some electronic devices such as a sound mixer. , it’s gonna be built

  – It is a special style of dance which is also known as techno in Iran. This type of dance includes four main techniques: Toprock, Downrock, Power Moves and Freeze.

Graffiti writing is a street art that is one of the main elements of hip-hop culture.

Other elements of hip-hop style include sampling (a sound sample or a part of a previously recorded work is reused in another work). , beat and music using the mouth) and the bass line or bass line pointed out.

Hip Hop History:

Hip-hop, both as a musical style and as a social culture, was formed from the 70s, during this period, block parties or street parties were significantly popular in New York neighborhoods, especially among African Americans and young people from the Bronx neighborhood of New York. . But until at least 1979, hip-hop as a musical genre was not officially recorded for broadcast on radio or television. This can be seen because of the cultural poverty of hip-hop and its not being acceptable to other cities and localities.

Since 1979, hip-hop has become a popular genre in music, especially among young audiences. This popularity continued and spread throughout the world by 1990. In the 80s, hip-hop became more diverse and some techniques such as scratch and electronic recording were added to it. During this period, hip-hop composers collaborated with composers of other styles and led to the production of music in new styles and subsets such as jazz rap and gangsta rap.

In fact, the artists of this style tried to use all its components to protest the ruling situation and break the sacred and heavy aura around it, and instead, invite everyone to take the real problems of the people seriously, regardless of the media’s false propaganda and official gestures. The sharp beat shows a lot of heartache and anger over social problems. Disregarding the structures of composition and rhyming is also caused by a person’s dissatisfaction with the existing situation and opposition to the problems that the official structures of modernism have imposed on the society. In other words, the singer, with all his strength and using all the tools at his disposal, forces his fans to break the false notions of society’s progress and pay attention to the bitter and unheard of realities of the lives of the underprivileged.

The target audience of rap music is mainly the young generation. Apart from the attractive components and features of this type of music, what makes “rap” popular is not only diversity, independence, rights and a place to release energy, but today’s young people have things to say that are often complaints and heartaches. Necessarily looking for a way to express them.

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