After installing the iOS 17 update, some iPhone users are experiencing problems with their calls and internet

Users of iPhones appear to be experiencing issues with the emergency iOS 17 update that Apple recently released. Following the installation of the iOS 17.2.1 update, a number of customers have contacted the company through its Community forum to voice their concerns regarding call and internet connectivity on their iPhones.

Some of them say they’ve tried a variety of solutions, including switching SIM cards, to improve the call reception on their iPhones. On the other hand, some users complain that even though their internet connection is slow, their mobile signal is fully charged.

Although the hardware antenna is typically the cause of these problems, since the problem began with the latest iOS 17 update, it’s possible that some of the connectivity features were interfering with these components’ ability to function as intended.

It’s likely that Apple will work on a speedy fix, which might be another software patch for these iPhone users, as soon as it comprehends or even registers these issues. Apart from the issues related to calls and data, some iPhone users also think that their phone’s battery life is decreasing more quickly, which is typically the result of an abnormally hot device. The iPhone’s antenna can be severely pushed by any form of connectivity instability, which drains more battery life from the device.

The fact that these problems are all related to the updates’ true value raises additional concerns about them. Even though the company says it’s crucial that users install the update immediately away, people will be reluctant to install them in the future if they witness more of these supposedly improving patches making things worse.

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