Apple Abandoned its Plans to Incorporate Meta’s AI Models Due to Privacy Concerns

Mark Gurman of Bloomberg stated that Apple was not aiming to integrate Meta’s AI models, despite the Wall Street Journal reporting days earlier that the two companies were in negotiations about doing so.

There were reportedly brief discussions between Apple and Meta back in March over the potential for a partnership. At this time, Apple was in discussions with several businesses to investigate the possibility of integrating their models with their products.

But due to privacy concerns, the business abandoned the plan to install Meta’s AI models on iPhones, according to the article. The source also pointed out that Apple’s reputation will not benefit much from a partnership with the social networking giant, because the Cupertino-based business has consistently chastised Meta’s privacy policies.

Apple unveiled its own AI feature set earlier this month under the Apple Intelligence moniker. Additionally, it disclosed a collaboration with OpenAI to enable iPhone users to utilize ChatGPT for specific inquiries.

Apple has stated that it is open to integrating various AI models with its devices, thus this agreement is not exclusive. The corporation announced at its Worldwide Developer Conference (WWDC) that it will collaborate with Google to roll out Gemini.

Even while Meta may not have the luxury of directly integrating with millions of devices, the business will rely on its own apps, which collectively have billions of users across platforms like Instagram, WhatsApp, Facebook, and Messenger. India is the company’s largest global market, and on Monday it made its Meta AI chatbot available to consumers there.

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