Beat Saber is Dropping Support for Quest 1 Users in Multiplayer Mode

Players of Beat Saber who are utilizing Meta’s initial Quest headset will soon be unable to participate in buddy matches. The creators of Beat Saber have announced that, as of November 2, 2024, they will no longer be providing updates, customer support, or multiplayer support for Quest 1.

After the modification takes effect, players of Quest 1 will still be able to access the game. Additionally, by using the Meta Quest Link to play the PC version of the game, they can keep getting updates and access to multiplayer features. However, this needs users to have a PC that can run the game, which makes it more complicated than simply starting the game from a headset.

The Quest 1 leaderboard feature may also be phased off “in the future” by the game’s developers. Players’ accounts are automatically linked to the game and DLC via Beat Saber, allowing data to be shared between multiple Quest and Rift devices. Additionally, the developers offer guidance on how to transfer Beat Saber data from the Quest headset to a PC.

Meta has taken steps to phase out the Quest 1 headset throughout the last 12 months. January 2023 saw the end of Quest 1’s access to new features, as developers were no longer able to update their titles or produce brand-new ones for the headgear. In August, security updates and bug fixes for the gadget will likewise cease.

The support website states, “As we continue to develop Beat Saber, our goal is to raise the bar of what’s possible,” “To focus our efforts in the right direction, we will no longer support Meta Quest 1 devices.”

There are more games on the Quest 1 that restrict functionality than Beat Saber. Population: One ceased allowing users to start or continue playing Quest 1 in 2022, while Meta Horizon Home removed the headset’s social functionality in March of last year.

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