BMW’s Neue Klasse Can Refuel Its 300 km Of Range In Just Ten Minutes

More fascinating information about the future Neue Klasse electric vehicle platform was revealed by BMW CEO Oliver Zipse. After just ten minutes of charging, BMW’s next-generation EVs will achieve an astounding 300 km of range, according to Zipse. The sophisticated 800-volt architecture will make this achievement possible.

As BMW moves closer to a future powered entirely by electricity, the Neue Klasse platform represents a critical turning point for the business. A replacement for the iX3 is scheduled to be on sale in 2025 and be produced at the company’s new Debrecen facility in Hungary. In 2026, an i3 vehicle will be produced at BMW’s Munich facility. Furthermore, Neue Klasse production will move to the Shenyang factory in China in 2026 and the San Luis Potosí facility in Mexico in 2027.

In comparison to the existing BMW electric lineup, Zipse guarantees that Neue Klasse EVs will provide at least a 30% boost in both range and charging speed. The integration of sixth-generation batteries with round cells—which offer a 20% increase in energy density and a significant 60% reduction in production-related emissions—will enable this breakthrough. Three battery capacities—75 kWh, 90 kWh, and 105 kWh—will be available from BMW.

They may get a preview of the sedan and SUV vehicles that will be available on the Neue Klasse platform with the 2023 Vision Neue Klasse and 2024 Vision Neue Klasse X ideas. At least four more vehicles, including an i3 Touring and an iX4, are anticipated to join the roster by 2028, though BMW has not disclosed any specifics as of yet. Fans of the M division have good news: a full-fledged M performance variant will be available for each of these new cars.

Another important goal for Neue Klasse EVs is practicality. Due to the automobiles’ bidirectional charging capability, owners will be able to power both their homes and the grid with the energy they generate.

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