Bruno Fernandes says : Champions League is the best rivalry

Manchester United’s Bruno Fernandes said that he has nothing against Europa League except for everybody realizes that the Champions League is the best rivalry on the planet.

His comment comes United crushed Leicester City 2-0 in their last Premier League game to seal a Champions League spot.

Fernandes additionally said that the opportunity has now sought the side to begin winning significant trophies.

“Of course, playing the Champions League is always special and I hope it can be with the supporters, that will be more special. We deserve to be in the best games, in the best European competition. Nothing against the Europa League, but everyone knows the best competition is the Champions League,” the official site of Manchester United cited Fernandes as saying.

“We trained hard and we worked hard for this moment. We know the only thing we could achieve this season was getting into the Champions League, so we fought hard for that, but we are not happy enough because we know this club and these players, they can bring much more for the club,” he included.

Alongside Manchester United, Chelsea additionally figured out how to seal a Champions League compartment on Sunday.

Manchester United would now be found in real life in the Europa League against LASK on August 5.

Joined leads that challenge 5-0 on total and the side looks set to meet all requirements for the quarter-finals.

“Now our focus is on the Europa League because this is a really good trophy and we want to win. I came to Manchester to win trophies. We need to play every game to win. If we go into the Europa League and win every game, we know we’ll win the trophy”.

Bruno Fernandes.

“I think we have qualities enough to fight for some titles – more than one title, you know? I think we need to win some trophies and then we’ll be really happy,” he included.

Manchester United completed third in the Premier League 2019-20 standings with 66 focuses from 38 matches.

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