Chevy Tops The Most-Seen Auto TV Ads List For The Latest Year

A commercial for the Chevrolet Silverado tops’s ranking of the most-seen vehicle TV ads for January 15–21, garnering 277.8 million national TV ad impressions. An astounding 98.6% of those impressions were derived from coverage and airings during NFL games. With 136.4 million impressions, CBS fared better than NBC (74.9 million) and Fox (43.3 million) in terms of impressions generated.

In the No. 2 position, Mercedes-Benz’s Matthew Macfadyen channels James Bond for Succession. Mercedes-Benz had 263.4 million national TV ad impressions. According to Macfadyen, “one thing stays the same: It’s a Mercedes-Benz,” even while “the definition of a car changes.” With 89.8 million impressions, the NFL was the most impression-generating programme. HGTV, with 18.6 million impressions from House Hunters, was the top network in terms of impressions. iSpot’s Creative Assessment shows that 16% of respondents thought the characters were the finest aspect of the advertisement, while 18% thought the brand was the best part about it overall.

Jeep’s third-place commercial, which received 246.4 million national TV ad impressions, is all about adventure. According to the advertisement, the Wrangler 4xe model offers both gas and electric choices, based on the driver’s preferences. NFL games accounted for over 72% of the impressions, with The NFL Today coming in second with 31.8 million and NFL Football: Classic Replay with 4.2 million. CBS (168 million), Fox (49.7 million), and MSNBC (5.1 million) were the top three networks in terms of impressions.

Week over week, a Honda ad touting its TrailSport portfolio is still in fourth position, but it has garnered 38% more national TV ad impressions, totaling 198.4 million. SportsCenter (7 million), the NBA (10.5 million), and the NFL (81.2 million) were the top impression-generating programmes. This advertisement had an 88% brand match, above the recent automaker industry median of 78% (the percentage of survey respondents who recognised it was a Honda ad after watching it), according to iSpot’s Creative Assessment.

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