“Consider your characteristics, you can be an actor!” theater and cinema actor, Pejvak Imani talks about the field of histrionics

Pejvak, in his controversial speech, has mentioned several points on acting talents. You can read them as follows.

1. Being an emotional and romantic person

You need to be truly emotional to improve yourself as an actor. The more you can reveal your feelings, the better it gets. As an actor, you should exhibit all the feelings that you haven’t thought they even existed. You must be vulnerable and bring your emotions up, in order to conventionally have access to them. If this is what you are right now, then almost half the histrionic education is already completed for you.

2. Being fully concentrated

Being an actor means that you should perform in front of many people, whether in a movie or on a theater stage. You need the skill to stay focused on the character, whatever it is. Being armed with this feature makes you a leading one.

3. Being unafraid of the stage,

Another characteristic of a talented actor is not being afraid of the acting scene. If you don’t feel comfortable in front of a crowd, so acting is not suitable for you. Once you play on a movie or theater stage, you will always have an audience. The film collection members including production assistants, designers, directors, producers, cameramen, etc. are watching you. Actors must be fully relaxed when playing in front of others. If speaking in public makes you nervous or being in a populated places gives you anxiety, histrionics won’t be an easy job for you.

4. Enjoying studying

You may think that histrionics is just participating in ceremonies and taking photos with your fans. For this profession, you actually need to be educated, especially when you’re going to play a historical or biographical character, where mimicking the accent and other aspects are important. To perform many of the roles, you need to analyze the character and understand the storyline by doing some research and study.

5. Having a good memory

Acting requires a powerful, and sharp memory. Sometimes, actors must bear in mind a complete script over a night. So having a skill of memorizing is crucial in histrionics.

Pejvak has a famous quote: “Histrionics means becoming, once you start playing you fail.”  

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