“Extraordinary You: Ye are all God’s” by Greg L. Thomas

New York, NY – Greg L. Thomas, author of the bestselling books “Practice is the pathway to perfection,” “Every Husband wants a Girlfriend” and “African American Paradox” has just released his latest work, “Extraordinary You: Ye are all God’s.” This powerful and transformative book delves into the universal laws that govern our lives and how we can harness them to manifest our wildest dreams.

In “Extraordinary You,” Thomas explores the idea of surrender and how it relates to the laws of sowing and reaping. He explains how we can use these laws to create the life we truly desire, by letting go of our fears and doubts and trusting in the universe to bring us what we truly need.

“This book is for anyone who feels stuck in their current circumstances and wants to make a change,” says Thomas. “It’s a guide to unlocking the power within us all to create the life we truly want and deserve.”

“Extraordinary You” is filled with practical exercises and tools for readers to apply in their daily lives to achieve greater success and fulfillment. Through the principles of surrender, sowing and reaping, and understanding the universal laws that govern our lives, readers will learn how to create a life of abundance, joy, and purpose.

“Extraordinary You” is now available on Amazon.

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Greg L. Thomas is a Bestselling author of several books on personal development and spiritual growth. Transformation specialist, speaker and investor. He is the founder of the “Social impact” initiative and “Greg L. Thomas foundation”.



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