Ford Might Develop Its Low-Cost EV Platform In This Important International Market, To Boost Sales

Ford may construct its new electric vehicle platform abroad in an effort to boost sales as it transitions to more reasonably priced electric cars.

Ford is Considering Producing an Inexpensive EV Platform in India

Ford is reportedly considering a comeback in India, per a recent article from Autocar India. India overtook Japan once more in 2023 to hold the third-largest vehicle market in the world.

Although Ford is considering relaunching the Everest or Endeavour, sources indicate that EVs may take center stage.

Kay Hart, president of Ford’s international markets group (IMG), traveled to the nation as the carmaker considers its next move. Earlier this year, the American automaker postponed plans to sell its manufacturing located on the outskirts of Chennai.

One of the sources stated that Ford “justify reopening the factory, it needs to get local production,” Ford may have larger aspirations, even though the Mustang Mach-E may be imported.

The sources say that Ford intends to develop an EV platform in India. Both domestic and foreign markets would use the platform.

Last month, CEO Jim Farley disclosed plans for a more accessible EV platform. To develop it, Ford assembled a “skunk works” team under the direction of Alan Clarke, who oversaw the engineering of Tesla’s Model Y.

Ford plans to power a smaller electric SUV and pickup using the same chassis. Sources claim that the first model will launch in 2026 and start at about $25,000. These more affordable, more compact EVs might appeal to Indian consumers.

A representative for Ford India confirmed the visit but withheld information about the cars. “We plan to create 2,500–3,000 additional jobs over the next three years,” the representative continued.

September 2021 saw Ford’s production in India come to an end. Ford claimed in a statement that it has “accumulated operating losses of more than $2 billion over the past 10 years” while making large investments.

The company did not provide a date for when it would start importing cars such as the completely electric Mustang Mach-E.

Not just Ford is an American carmaker hoping to establish EVS in India. For years, Tesla has been working with the nation to find a way around its high import taxes.

India unveiled a new program to encourage the production of electric vehicles there. For a total of five years, the program allows automakers to get 15% less in import charges on electric vehicles (EVs) valued at “$35,000 USD or above.” There are a few requirements, though.

Ford formally delivered the first F-150 Lightning in Norway this month, its first market outside of North America, as it aims to grow internationally.

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