Getting Up Close And Personal With Bespoke Tailoring Fashion Icon, Alessandro Marinella

Coming from a tradition of bespoke tailoring excellence, Alessandro Marinella has cemented his place in the global fashion scene. With a background of top-notch fashion culture, the young entrepreneur is pushing the Neapolitan trend across frontiers. 

Riding on his great grandfather’s masterpiece, the E.Marinella brand has become a universal symbol of craftsmanship and bespoke tailoring excellence. The brand was conceived by Don Eugenio Marinella, in 1914, when the fashion icon first launched the brand from a small shop in Naples, Italy. Today, Don Eugenio Marinella’s vision has become a reputable brand to be reckoned with.

E.Marinella is best known for producing unique handcrafted neckties. Ties that are now adorned by some of the most influential personalities in the world because it adequately represents excellence.

Alessandro Marinella, the current brand manager of E.Marinella, is charged with the responsibility of upholding the brand’s excellence, and the chief executive has been living up to the expectation. Under him, E.Marinella has reached new frontiers and adopted the latest fashion trends to provide the best bespoke fashion services.

Recently, I caught up with the young entrepreneur in an interview and we spoke about his fashion background, classic fashion style, passion, and other personal questions. The discussion went as follows:

  1. Describe Your Dress Code Today: Today, I am dressed less formally, just a sweater and smart-casual trousers because I was working with the eCommerce team. So I had to be more practical with my dressing.
  1. Speaking of eCommerce, Explain your Passion for it: eCommerce is one of my biggest passions. I love what technology can achieve and I appreciate technology by utilizing it for better networking across the globe. My other biggest passion is sports because it makes me feel healthy.
  1. Who Do You Consider as the World’s Best Dressed Man? To me, being considered “well-dressed”, you must know how to properly express your personality through your looks. A couple of people I will put in the best-dressed category are Gianni Agnelli, Sean Connery, and for sure, my father, Maurizio Marinella.
  1. How Has Your Father Influenced You? From childhood, my father has taught me what it means to strive for excellence. He instilled a Neapolitan culture in me, provided the best education, served as a role model in all ways that have shaped me to become the man I am today.
  1. Have You Discovered the Perfect Garment Yet? On a lighter note, I will say TIES!!! But I think there is no “one” perfect garment. It all depends on the situation you are in. Although there can be a perfect garment for any given occasion or look, each requires the appropriate dress code.
  1. Which City is the Go-to Spot for Shopping? In Italy, I would say Milan is the most cosmopolitan city, so it is the best place to find all the latest fashion and latest products. Other suitable options include New York and London. However, if you are looking for traditional craftsmanship and bespoke product, Naples is the home of authentic and artisanal products.      
  1. Lastly, Describe Your Style in Three Words? Dynamic, Young with Personality, and Refined. 

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