Google One will Stop Providing its VPN Service This year

In October 2020, Google debuted its own VPN service, first offering it in conjunction with expensive 2TB+ Google One subscriptions. The company enhanced its VPN service over time by bringing it to other markets and combining it with less expensive One options. Access to a free limitless VPN with a Google One membership was a great bonus, despite its narrow use case. Unfortunately, Google is discontinuing its VPN service “later this year” in true Google form because of poor usage.

To let users know about this change, Google has sent emails to Google One subscribers. The email does not give a more precise timeline, only stating that VPN by Google One would be discontinued later this year. In place of the Google One VPN app, if you own a Pixel 7 or later, you may still take use of free VPN by going through Pixel settings.

Google is discontinuing the VPN service from Google One, according to a corporate statement, since “people simply weren’t using it.” The business will instead focus its efforts on enhancing other well-liked Google One features. And maybe for that reason—despite eliminating one of One’s benefits—Google is not cutting One’s subscription costs.

Pixel VPN Service will Remain Free of Charge

There is a benefit to Google discontinuing One’s VPN service. When utilizing the Google One VPN on the Pixel 7, a persistent notification appears. With the Pixel 8 series, this isn’t the case because a VPN is pre-installed. You won’t have to bother with the constant VPN notice once the Pixel 7 and other compatible devices transition to the built-in Pixel VPN integration.

When Google first introduced the Pixel VPN service along with the Pixel 7, in October 2022, the company said that the service will be available for five years, so it shouldn’t be taken away anytime soon. You can check out some of our top VPN services if you want to avoid depending just on Google for your VPN needs.

Furthermore, as of May 15, Google will no longer provide free shipping on some print orders placed through Google Photos in the US, Canada, UK, and EU.

Additionally, users to Google One receive emails from Google about the expansion of access to premium editing tools for Google Photos, such as Magic Eraser and Portrait Light, as well as the introduction of Dark web surveillance to all qualified Google accounts.

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