Here Are The Top Four Tips To Be A Great And Lovable DJ by DJ Greg Somlok

Do you love music? Or perhaps you enjoy going to parties with a good music mix? You’re at the right place. Today, we tell you five things that make a party or club DJ great at his work.All of these tips are given by Greg Somlok. 

Now if you are wondering who Greg Somlok is then you should know that Greg Somlok aka Greg S is the crowd favorite when it comes to energetic, electrifying, and super-amazing parties.He has been a DJ for over five years and has immense experience in the music world.

  1. Read The Crowd 

Greg S says that great DJs don’t play the audio mix that they prepared at their home before coming to the venue. Great DJs are those who are able to read the crowd, understand what they want, and then play according to the needs of the crowd. This will make the crowd connect with you and strike a bond immediately. You’ll be loved and respected as well.

  1. Don’t Let The Audience Take A Break

According to seasoned DJ Greg S, the audience will always be tempted to take a short break between sessions but a great DJ knows that this is the real test to his skills. If your music blend can force the audience to keep dancing and make them stay on their feet, then you have achieved the tag of a successful and great DJ.

  1. Always Give It Your All 

There might be days when your music is not liked by the crowd because of cultural differences or your inability to ‘read the crowd’. But being a great DJ, you should never give in and just stop giving your best. This is a major mistake that novice DJs make. They stop trying. Greg Somlok explains that the DJ should give it his/her all until the last moment of the party and you never know which blend strikes a chord with your audience.

  1. Not All Parties Will Be The Same

Being an expert and highly skillful DJ, Greg Somlok reveals the secret that not all the parties will be equally fun and enjoyable. There are nights that you will not forget because of how good they were as well as nights that you will not be able to forget because of how awful they turned out to be. But to be a great DJ, you should embrace both of these parties and learn from each so that you can improve your skills and music in the future.

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