Inventory Now, A New Tesla Model 3 LR Costs Up To $10,000 More Than A Tesla Model Y Long Range

Global auto sales typically peak in the first quarter of the year. Tesla CEO Elon Musk has predicted slower growth in 2024, but the company is still working hard to maintain momentum.

In the US, now is the greatest time of year to purchase a midsized electric SUV from Tesla, the Model Y. The price of the Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD cars that are advertised on the manufacturer’s inventory website has dropped dramatically.

Many of the Model Y Long Range AWD models that Tesla currently has in stock are eligible for the full $7,500 federal tax credit. With costs even lower than a Model 3, an inventory Model Y becomes a more alluring option since the new Tesla Model 3 Highland is not qualified for this tax advantage.

Even a Tesla Model Y, which costs only $36,650 after the federal tax credit, was discovered in the stock. It’s interesting to note that Tesla now immediately deducts the $7,500 from the vehicle’s MSRP when a qualified consumer buys it.

After the $7,500 federal tax credit deduction, a brand-new Tesla Model Y Long Range AWD with the same options comes with a price tag of $40,450. The stock paint choice is the main distinction between the two cars; last year, Tesla replaced the Midnight Silver Metallic colour with the new Stealth Grey hue.

The pre-configured nature of an inventory Tesla car is its lone drawback. You are forced to make due with the current interior, exterior, and wheel selections. However, there are so many cars in the current Tesla inventory that you might just be able to locate the ideal fit for your preferences.

Screenshot 2 above shows that if you are eligible for the federal tax credit, a new Rear-Wheel Drive Model Y base model can only set you back $35,490. It is $3,500 less expensive than the new Model 3 Highland base model (pricing are shown in Screenshot 3 below).

Additionally, Tesla dropped the price of the new Model Y by $1,000. The offer is expiring on February 29th.

Let’s now contrast a brand-new Tesla Model 3 Long Range with the least expensive Model Y Long Range currently in stock. The cost of a brand-new Model 3 Long Range AWD is $47,490, and the federal tax credit is not applicable. Thus, compared to a new Model 3 Long Range, the inventory Model Y Long Range that we saw in Screenshot 1 above is $10,840 less expensive.

The most costly Model Y Long Range available from Tesla is $46,640 when the federal tax credit is subtracted. Still less expensive than the brand-new Model 3 Highland little luxury car. The crossover SUV Model Y offers greater space and a more noticeable presence on the road.

The Tesla Model 3 Highland’s recently updated design gives it an advantage. It has been verified, nevertheless, that Tesla will not be releasing a revised Model Y this year at least. Because of the sharp decline in price, purchasing the Model Y with the older design is a wise decision.

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