Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel share the success story of Inclined Studio the best architectural photography company

Architectural photography opens a window for customers to see their apartment, building, restaurant ambience, or any structures without having to visit the places physically. The photography must be done by some professionals to woo the desires of the clients. Many architectural industry are staying behind in the highly competitive market due to lack of good photography skills. A good photography is the best thing for the architectural company. The blending of colour, proper sense of contrast and exposure, perfection in HDR and lighting skills, keeping good space, and utilizing the natural light source are some must needed characteristics to win the show.

Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel has established Inclined Studio in Ahmedabad in 2015. From 2015 to 2020, in these five years, they have done some tremendous job and led their company to the top. Getting such recognition in short span of time is applaudable. Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel state the insight of their success. They consider clients as the soul of their company, and satisfying the customers is the main moto of their beautiful journey. According to Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel, the actual challenge for entrepreneurs is fulfilling the desires of the clients. Inclined Studio is the best place to get a perfect pictorial representation of any building, school, structure, sculpture, resort, restaurants, apartments, etc.

Inclined Studio’s work has been published in many renowned magazines. More than 150 projects have gotten the platform to showcase their talent to more number of people. They provide their work in Ahmedabad, and even in the outside of the state.

Maulik Patel did not expect himself to be involved in such commercial projects, as he completed his degree in interior design. Vidhi Patel is an architect, and she has vast idea about architectural photography. She states the necessity of good architectural photography. It is the documentation of a building or structure.

Landscape, interior design, exemplary photography are the specialities of Inclined Studio. The creativity to make something new while maintaining the boundaries of certain things is the field challenges we face in practical terms. Maulik Patel and Vidhi Patel share some of their tips to grow your architectural photography in the next level. These points will also help you to understand, why Inclined Studio is the best in current scenario.

Good Camera : Inclined Studio use Sony a7r 3 with remote release to maintain professionalism.

High quality lenses : Inclined Studio uses Sony 16-35 mm f4 while keeping the idea of angles in mind. .

Critical analysis : Critical analysis of the customer’s desire and work accordingly is what Inclined Studio loves to provide.

Hero shot : Inclined Studio’s high skilled owners have great knowledge about the angles, and they take good care for the hero shot.

Detailed study : Inclined Studio works in the depth of detailing. Wide angle, perfect focus, space maintain, they keep everything clear in their work.

Good lighting composition : Inclined Studio team knows how to use the advantages of natural lights and HRD blending. Good exposures make their shooting perfect.

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