Mercedes India Has Announced the Launch of Nine New Cars and SUVs in 2024

Launch of the AMG C 63 e-Performance and S 63 e-Performance by June 2024

Mercedes-Benz’s 2024 portfolio includes the AMG S 63 e-Performance and C 63 e-Performance models, which are expected to go on sale in June. These fast cars use advanced hybrid technology that was inspired by Formula 1e.

New E-Class LWB Launch by End of the Year

Later in the year, auto aficionados can anticipate the introduction of the new E-Class LWB. It is anticipated that this much anticipated car will redefine refinement and luxury in the sedan market.

Mercedes to Have Six EVs by End 2024

By the end of 2024, Mercedes-Benz intends to add six new electric vehicles to its lineup, marking a significant step towards sustainability. The brand’s dedication to environmentally friendly mobility solutions is emphasised by this strategy change.

All-New E-Class, EVs Incoming

Mercedes-Benz will also unveil three new electric cars and the much awaited all-new E-Class in addition to the AMG variants. These new models show off the brand’s innovative approach to automotive technology and design.

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