Mercedes Unveils Updated 2024 Formula One Car and New Launch

Mercedes unveiled the W15, the eagerly anticipated 2024 Formula 1 vehicle that it thinks will enable it to catch up to Red Bull this season.

Later on Wednesday, the team and McLaren will test drive their new vehicles at Silverstone following the unveiling of their 2024 models.

At the launch, team manager Toto Wolff stated that Mercedes aims to provide its drivers with a car that is more predictable rather than announcing any audacious goals.

“The goal is to perform well,” stated Wolff.

“As I mentioned, focus within. Strive to drive a car with a powerful engine, loads of downforce, and predictability on the track.

“And just work hard and accomplish our goals. Our goal is to provide Lewis Hamilton and George Russell with a car that they love driving and isn’t as challenging as the ones from prior years.

“And hopefully in Bahrain in a week’s time we will have more good feedback than bad, but I’m really looking forward to have that car out on track.”

In the current cycle of Formula One aerodynamic regulations, Mercedes has only won one grand prix. Last year, despite finishing second in the constructors’ championship, it collected less than half as many points as Red Bull and experienced its first winless season since 2011.

The team has talked about making significant wintertime modifications to their F1 car after realising in Bahrain that it shouldn’t have remained with its 2022 design. This is because in-season development was constrained by the W14’s current architecture.

The opportunity to address the shortcomings of the gearbox, rear suspension, and monocoque design—discussed throughout 2023 by newly appointed technical director James Allison—lies in the 2024 W15 machine.

And as anticipated, the initial glance at the W15 validates the radical modifications.

However, it also sports an unexpected new livery that combines the black used by the 2020–2021 and 2023 automobiles with the classic Mercedes silver on the front nose.

Lewis Hamilton’s final Mercedes race before his unexpected multi-year departure to Ferrari in 2025 will be this one.

After Hamilton leaves, George Russell, who will stay on for a third season with the team, will have one more opportunity to demonstrate that he is prepared to head Mercedes.

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