Microsoft Officially Announces the Upcoming Surface Launch Event

If you’re a lover of Microsoft gear in general and Windows tablets in particular, you were undoubtedly unhappy to learn that there won’t be a Surface Pro 9 successor in 2023. Strangely enough, there have been rumours about a Surface Pro 10 for about a full year now, but it has never happened in that shape or any other form until today.

Although the massive Redmond, Washington-based software company hasn’t yet unveiled any new goods, yesterday’s rumours of a March 21 event are now verified. As usual, Microsoft is reluctant to give away specifics about what will be released in precisely two weeks, but it’s evident that it won’t be difficult to predict how the business plans to “advance the new era of work with Copilot.”

It should be noted that Microsoft clearly intends to incorporate Copilot—a self-described “pioneering” chat assistant—into the Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 in order to accomplish at least some of the tasks Cortana was never able to perform. Copilot was first introduced to the public more than a year ago.

This upcoming “digital event” is due to begin at 9 am PDT on Thursday, March 21, and is expected to centre around Copilot, Windows, and the newest Surface devices, with a primary focus on “work” related content. This seems to confirm the hypothesis that the previously announced Surface Pro 10 and Surface Laptop 6 will only be available in consumer-oriented models somewhere in June, with business-oriented versions being released first.

Should that turn out to be true, Microsoft might save the most anticipated Surface Pro enhancements (such as a brand-new, top-notch OLED panel and a significant increase in battery life) for a later date, with the enterprise channel only expecting “minor spec bumps” this month or in April.

To put it another way, they advise against getting too excited about today’s “New Era of Work” event, which is officially set for March 21. That is, unless, of course, you’re more interested in Copilot’s professional use cases than its user-friendly features.

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