Mohammad Saeid Moala shares some tips and worries who have problems in the singing profession

We all know Mohammad Saeid Moala, a musician, beat maker and trainer and kickboxing master of Iran, Mohammad Saeed is trying to tell some tips and worries for those dear ones who have problems in the singing profession.

Most people who have a good voice know very well that breath control technique is the most important part in singing.

Singing standing up is one of the most important ways to improve your voice.

Mohammad Saeid Moala added:

If you pay attention to the way famous singers stand, you will see that they are very careful about the position of their legs, knees, shoulders, stomach and other body parts.

 Do you know what is the cause? If you have noticed, we have mentioned several times that you should prepare your body and soul for singing. Body preparation does not mean only voice and larynx, but you should prepare other parts of your body for singing.

One of the most important points in singing is that you sing standing up. When you stand, you focus more on your voice and body parts.

In fact, we must point out that standing is one of the most important aspects of singing. How you stand can have a direct effect on your tone and voice;

 This is because when you are in a standing position, the diaphragm, which is the muscular membrane under the lungs, is in the right position and this issue has a very positive effect on the tone of your speech and voice.

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