New Chargers From Anker Enable Widespread Qi2 MagSafe Charging

Because Anker supports technology like Samsung’s 45W Super Fast Charging and QuickCharge devices, they produce some of our favorite phone chargers. Anker unveiled a slew of brand-new products at IFA 2023, including the first Qi2-compatible MagSafe-style powerbanks and charging stations.

Anker’s Nano items are ideal allies for voyaging; these minimal chargers can fit in your pocket. Anker has extended the reach with some cute power banks that are significantly more reduced. The 22.5W rendition plugs straightforwardly into the lower part of your telephone without the requirement for links, while the 30W model offers a more customary power bank stylish, yet with an implicit USB-C link that folds flawlessly away and an advanced presentation that shows charging data. There’s likewise a slim charging station that is more modest than an unfurled Universe Overlap 5 and almost as slight.

Anker’s new MagGo items are intended for Apple’s MagSafe gadgets, yet this doesn’t mean Android clients can’t utilize them. Android clients can buy an assortment of MagSafe rings and connector cases that align their telephones with the iPhone’s charging capacities. While we’ve had Android-viable MagSafe embellishments for some time, these are the first charging frill that offer an indistinguishable encounter to Apple’s MagSafe items.

Anker’s new scope of MagGo charging frill probably won’t appear to be pivotal from the get go, however the previously mentioned Qi2 innovation is a tremendous arrangement. This remote charging standard was reported at CES 2023 and aligns Android gadgets with Apple’s MagSafe innovation by offering better power proficiency, charging rates, and power effectiveness. Anker’s new MagCo embellishments take full advantage of this innovation; all can energize to 15W. These new items incorporate a 10,000mAh and 6,000mAh power bank, a 8-in-1 charging station, and three distinct 3-in-1 charging stations.

Anker’s new scope of charging items is especially energizing for those disappointed with Android’s absence of respectable MagSafe frill lately. The MagGo accessories will be available in late 2023, and Anker’s new Nano products can all be purchased now.

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