Nissan Plans to Introduce Next-generation Solid-state Batteries in 2028

Nissan explained that new manufacturing processes will enable its electric cars to reach price parity with gasoline-powered vehicles before 2030, and that it will start to roll out EVs with its next-generation solid-state battery technology in 2028.

Nissan explained that it is on schedule to produce its first prototype battery by March 2025 and then increase output to produce 100 megawatt hours of batteries per month after establishing a pilot manufacturing line for the advanced solid-state battery packs at its Yokohama facility.

Nissan explained that its solid-state cells would have a charging time that is far shorter than current batteries while providing up to twice the energy density. Making them will also be less expensive.

Nissan released that it will create a ute powered by its cutting-edge batteries once it is operational, but it did not specify whether it will be based on its mid-size Navara or a larger truck intended for the US market.

The automaker explained in a statement: “Nissan is conducting wide-ranging research and development, from city development using electric vehicles as storage batteries to molecular-level battery material research.”

The business announced that it will also take the lead from EV pioneer Tesla and use large-scale gigacasting technologies for the rear floor of future models, cutting weight that depletes range by 20% and lowering expenses by at least 10%.

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