Reservation Holders For The Tesla Cybertruck Are Eligible For Priority Access and 30,000 Referral Credits

Tesla warned that the remaining reserved customers would face delays when it first began delivering Cybertrucks to consumers. Redeeming their referral credits is now another way that customers can speed up delivery, according to the firm.

A notification sent to Tesla owners via the manufacturer’s app said that users may expedite “their] Cybertruck Delivery by redeeming referral credits.” This promotion comes with a price of 30,000 credits.

Rodx submitted the offer on the Cybertruck Owners Club forum. It said, “Be invited to configure and take delivery of your Foundation Series All-Wheel Drive or Cyberbeast within 45 days of redemption.” “Check back later if you miss your opportunity to claim—more accelerated deliveries will be added.”

Additionally, the notice highlights that Cybertruck buyers are not allowed to transfer their credits and may only redeem them once. It emphasises that there are only so many trucks—and hence, only so many acceleration codes—available, and it states that this offer is only valid in the United States.

What Are Credits for Referrals at Tesla?

If you’re not too familiar with Tesla’s loyalty programmes, Referral Credits are rewards given to owners who successfully persuade friends and relatives to buy an electric car from the manufacturer. Both sides benefit when new customers use an existing owner’s referral code when making a purchase or scheduling a test drive. But there has previously been controversy about this plan.

Even members of the Cybertruck Owners Club forum are treating the offer with scepticism, even though some early adopters will definitely value the chance to get their Cybertruck sooner. User Gigahorse claims that this is “another way for people to skip the queue, or take the hit of early adoption of the [Cybertruck] V 1.0” in a thread that follows the original post.

Others don’t seem to be impressed by the 45-day delivery window. According to user CyberTruckeeTheOne, “if they can promise to deliver tomorrow, then I might [sic]”; their car is already scheduled to arrive in less days.

User seadsmoney refers to the offer as “mystifying,” pointing out that the electric truck’s $20,000 price increase is part of the Foundation Series programme, which is “already supposed to be an accelerated delivery.” User Travis64 expressed his dissatisfaction, saying, “this is BS,” and questioned whether individuals who skipped the queue with their Referral Credits would cause their order to be delayed until 2025.

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