SEM Launches The Newest MLCCs for Cars That Run on Batteries

New multilayer ceramic capacitors (MLCC) for electric vehicles were recently introduced by Samsung Electro-Mechanics (SEM) Co., a subsidiary of the Samsung Group that manufactures electronic components, as part of its ongoing progress in developing dependable high-voltage battery components.

Multiple ceramic layers on MLCCs serve as a dielectric and a “dam” to control current flow in circuits and shield components from electromagnetic interference, allowing for the temporary charging and discharging of electricity. At least 3,000 MLCCs are installed inside of automobiles.

SEM has disclosed its intention to provide international automotive suppliers with five new high-voltage MLCCs. Its new MLCCs work better even in situations where the voltage can reach 1,000V or as high as 630V.

The business is a pioneer in the development of raw materials required for the production of MLCCs with high voltages. Additionally, internal electrode structure improvements have been made to guarantee dependable performance at high voltages.

The high-voltage MLCC market is expected to grow significantly, according to industry observers. Estimates indicate that the market value of the business will rise from $4 billion in 2024 to $11 billion by 2029, representing a robust 22 percent annual growth rate.

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