49ers not following cues from Chiefs on quarterback circumstance

The Kansas City Chiefs in 2017 exchanged two first-gather picks to move together to No. 10 in the draft and select quarterback Patrick Mahomes, who took over as the starter the next year. They did as such regardless of veteran sign guest Alex Smith playing all around ok to get the group to the postseason in 2016, and afterward turning in the best period of his vocation in 2017. The 49ers in 2021 end up in a comparable spot, yet lead trainer Kyle Shanahan isn’t taking a gander at all at how the Chiefs’ progress went.

The 49ers exchanged three first-round picks to bounce from No. 12 to No. 3 in the current year’s draft, where they’ll apparently pick a quarterback who’ll sit behind veteran Jimmy Garoppolo for a year prior to taking over next season.

It’d bode well for San Francisco to attempt to look for some direction from Kansas City on stringing this troublesome needle. Shanahan on Monday in a question and answer session would not draw an examination between the 49ers’ circumstance this year and Kansas City’s in 2017.

“I think that’s the most obvious example of having a really good quarterback and drafting a young guy and still having success that year with your veteran and moving on the next year,” Shanahan said. “That is the closest one we need to go off of, however I don’t actually see stuff like that since I think every circumstance is its own circumstance. When you return to different years, they exchanged this for this so is this great? Every circumstance has its own circumstance.

“I look at ours, I learn from everything through my own experience and just reading about football and watching it over the years. That’s why we all develop our opinions, but just like the perfect play call or the perfect throw, you don’t know until the end of it. Stuff is adjusting at all times and you’ve got to always be ready to adjust and do the best with opportunities you have.”

The Chiefs drafted Mahomes, began him in the last round of the year – which didn’t affect their remaining in the season finisher race – and afterward embedded him as the starter in 2018 in the wake of exchanging Smith to Washington the offseason. Smith set up the best period of his vocation, however went winless in the postseason for a second-continuous year.

It’s at this point unclear how the 49ers would deal with a comparable circumstance, which is the reason Shanahan didn’t focus on saying they’re following Kansas City’s way. The Chiefs were perched on Mahomes, who won the MVP in his first year as a starter. The 49ers may not be perched on that sort of ability, and if Garoppolo plays the best football of his vocation and leads the group back to the Super Bowl, it could change how they handle the following offseason.

There’s additionally a possibility a group blows the 49ers away with an exchange before this season and they bargain Garoppolo to begin the new kid on the block or an alternate veteran.

Like Shanahan said, each condition is extraordinary. Maybe the 49ers do follow similar form as the Chiefs. There are a huge load of various bearings for it to go however, and basically staying in one way in light of the fact that another group did it would not be the most ideal route for San Francisco to act in a very fragile circumstance.


The Missouri Hip-Hop Scene Is Back Alive

Kansas city isn’t home to many hip-hop artists. Besides, Nelly and Akon that isn’t a big rap scene popping off in Missouri. The rapper Brandoshis is from Jefferson City and he wants to put his city on the map in the rap game.

The up incoming artist has been releasing a steady flow of music to keep his fans satisfied. He’s even featured on songs with hip-hop legends Fat Joe, and Tech n9ne. The Jefferson City rapper seem to be making his way in the game just fine. The lyrical content of his music has attracted the conscious fans, and he’s been dropping bangers like “Ohh whop” that can connect with the mainstream audience.

Be on the lookout for more music from the southern artist. The rapper has been featured on XXL and is definitely a sleeper in terms of next rappers up.