Letter: Being homeless is not a ‘lifestyle’

With incredible interest, I read the June 16 article about the extraordinary failure boundary cover alternative for the destitute set forth by ANCHOR [“Come as You Are: Low-obstruction Shelter May Fill Temporary Housing Gaps,” Xpress]. The need to meet individuals where they are and elevate wellbeing is basic to the mischief decrease approach while tending to the physical and emotional wellness difficulties of our destitute populace. The more alternatives accessible, the better. What caught my eye in this generally enlightening article was the assessment of ABCCM’s chief, the Rev. Scott…

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Luis Benites the “ Queens Get The Money “ Visionary Will Continue To Supply the best in lifestyle through his “ QGTM Brand “

Passionate entrepreneur and owner of New York’s “Headz Ain’t Ready” Barbershop, Luis Benites, announces plans to launch “Queens Get The Money,” an innovative apparel and lifestyle brand Luis Benites looks set to conquer new territories as the serial entrepreneur, day trader, and owner of the legendary Queens New York’s “Headz Ain’t Ready” Barbershop is set to launch a new business – “Queens Get The Money” aka QGTM. The fashion and lifestyle brand will be officially launched in the Summer of 2021 to provide the best fashion and culture experience to…

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