Pixel 6 trenches Qualcomm for Exynos modem chip

Google is abandoning Snapdragon for the forthcoming Pixel 6, reports Reuters, citing insider sources. For all past ages of the Pixel series, Google has adhered to Qualcomm as the sole producer of its Snapdragon processors, yet additionally its modem chips. The Pixel 5 as of now sports the Qualcomm Snapdragon 765G SoC, and the Snapdragon Qualcomm X52 modem empowering 5G network. The Qualcomm chip dependence isn’t unexpected, as the U.S. involves one of Google’s greatest client bases, and for a very long time, Qualcomm has held a tight restraining infrastructure…

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Apple purchases Intel’s cell phone modem business for $1 billion

For quite a while Apple has been hoping to reduce its dependence on Qualcomm for cell phone modems. For a few years it utilized Intel parts in its handsets nearby Qualcomm’s, yet after the settlement between Apple and Qualcomm a few months prior, Intel was forgotten about, being compelled to exit the beginning 5G modem business with no different clients arranged. Presently Apple has gone ahead and acquired Intel’s cell phone modem business, as previously supposed. Apple will pay $1 billion for the transaction, expected to shut in the final…

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