Tata To Launch Its Avinya EV Series By 2026, Including MPVs And SUVs

Tata Avinya EV Range: Tata Motors is a well-known automaker in India that presently controls the nation’s market for electric vehicles. It has declared that it will begin releasing cars built on the Avinya platform in FY2026, with the first car anticipated to be on sale before March 2026. As part of a strategic collaboration between Tata Passenger Electric Mobility Ltd (TPEM) and JLR, both fully owned companies of Tata Motors, the Avinya series of electric cars will be developed on JLR’s EMA platform.

Tata’s premium electric vehicles in the Avinya series will make use of JLR’s modular architecture under the terms of this Memorandum of Understanding (MoU). Through platform sharing, this partnership is expected to save expenses associated with research and development for both businesses. When JLR releases its next generation of electric mid-size SUVs on the international market beginning in 2025, it intends to do so on the EMA platform.

Tata Motors’ concept for electric mobility in the future, the Avinya, was initially shown in 2022. Tata later disclosed that the Avinya platform will serve as the foundation for a variety of vehicles, including MPVs and SUVs, even though it didn’t fit into a single class. With a single charge, the Gen 3 platform is expected to have a lightweight design and a 500 km range.

Tata Motors plans to launch more electric vehicles in addition to the Avinya series. The fiscal year 2025 is when the Harrier EV and Curvv EV are expected to be released. It is anticipated that the Harrier EV would debut in March 2025, and the Curvv EV will debut during the 2024 holiday season. First on market in fiscal year 2026, right before the Avinya-based cars, is the Sierra EV. Tata Motors is demonstrating its commitment to sustainable and creative transportation solutions with these impending launches, which are part of its strategy to solidify its position in the electric car market.

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