Tesla Model Y Is Expected To Be The Best-selling Car Worldwide In 2023

Based on initial data gathered by JATO Dynamics, it appears that the Tesla Model Y will emerge as the global top-selling car in 2023. JATO Dynamics claims that the Model Y is in an unbeatable position after registering 1.23 million units of sales in 2023, which translates to a significant year-over-year rise of 64%. However, just a few markets have yet to announce their 2023 sales numbers. Additionally, it becomes the first EV to dominate international markets.

With the release of the preliminary data for 2023, a Toyota model will no longer hold the top spot in the rankings. In recent years, the Toyota Corolla and RAV4 vehicles have held the top spot in the model list. However, the Corolla ranked third in 2023 and the Toyota RAV4 ranked second with 1.07 million vehicles sold.

Returning to the Tesla, the Model Y topped sales records in China and Europe, the two biggest EV markets globally.

“The increase in global sales of the Model Y is unprecedented, particularly for a vehicle in the top ten best-sellers,” said Felipe Munoz, Global Analyst at JATO Dynamics. It is quite amazing what Tesla has accomplished with the Model Y in such a short period of time.” “In November 2023, the average retail price of a Tesla Model Y was 18% and 23% lower than the average cost of an EV in Germany and the USA, respectively,” the speaker continued. The year-long price reductions along with Tesla’s standing as a competitive and dependable EV manufacturer fueled the already strong demand. Therefore, when many buyers are considering making an EV purchase, Tesla comes to mind.”

Speaking about Toyota, Munoz said, “Toyota has a strong global presence, and its diversified lineup of products, including the tiny Corolla and the SUV RAV4, make the brand appealing. However, only hybrid choices are available for both models; pure electric options are not available. Even though Toyota had a successful year in 2023, the RAV4 and Corolla are just not competitive in the electric vehicle industry, which is growing in importance and size throughout Europe and China.”Tesla Model Y is expected to be the best-selling car worldwide in 2023.

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