Tesla Wins Four S&P Global Mobility Loyalty Awards In A Row

In the S&P Global Mobility’s Loyalty Awards for 2023, Tesla won four championships, matching its 2022 total of first place honours.

In 2023, Tesla took home the prizes for Highest Conquest Percentage, Alternative Powertrain Loyalty to Make, Overall Loyalty to Make, and Ethnic Market Loyalty to Make. With GM, Lincoln, Acura, Nissan, and Mitsubishi taking home awards in various categories, it was the only manufacturer to win multiple times.

Tesla dominated the list of manufacturers to win significant prizes in these categories in 2022, winning the same four titles.

From January to December, S&P Global Mobility monitors consumer purchasing behaviour to identify market trends and assess the overall performance of the sector. The business “is showing continued signs of recovery, as both retail sales and loyalty increased year-over-year,” according to the firm, in 2023.

Thanks to its dominance in market share, Tesla has enjoyed sustained success in the EV industry in the United States. No other electric vehicle manufacturer has even approached Tesla’s market share, and while the firm may be witnessing a decline in that number, this may be attributed to the fact that more American automakers are switching to more aggressive plans for electric vehicles.

It won repeatedly in the categories of “Overall Loyalty to Make,” “Highest Conquest Percentage,” “Alternative Powertrain Loyalty to Make,” and “Ethnic Market Loyalty to Make” thanks to its widespread appeal and consistent performance in the EV industry.

Because of the success of the Model 3 and Model Y, which have been the best-selling EVs in the United States for a number of years, Tesla has essentially controlled the industry.

Many Tesla enthusiasts are among the world’s most knowledgeable and devoted automobile owners, possessing a thorough understanding of their vehicles and their operation. This is what distinguishes the business so much. Many owners of vehicles from other OEMs merely drive the vehicle due to aesthetics or personal taste, but it’s possible that they are unaware of all the details of the business and how it operates.

Tesla has a reputation for having some incredibly devoted customers and owners, and it appears that the company’s owners are indeed in a class by themselves, as demonstrated by S&P Global Mobility’s most recent awards for 2023.

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