Tesla’s Adaptive High Beam Option Is Available For All Model Y And Model 3 Vehicles Equipped With Pixel Matrix Headlights

For owners of the older Model Y and Model 3, there is excellent news from Tesla’s Homologation Department in Fremont, which is in charge of submitting specifications and functionality upgrades for approval to the regulatory agencies in the European Union.

Tesla notes that the “introduction of adaptive high beam” is an upcoming update for the Model Y and older Model 3 units in its most recent European Type Certificate applications.

The same regulatory database earlier turned up a reference of the Model 3 Highland makeover, which recently received its Adaptive High Beam feature. The Tesla software update version that will unlock the adaptive headlights on the Model Y may arrive later this month, as the permission for the adaptive headlights on the Highland was logged on November 3 and the Model Y’s carries the date January 3.

It is unclear when or if Tesla’s US models will get the Adaptive High Beam feature. However, as Europe has far more experience with matrix headlights on cars from regional manufacturers, regulatory approvals—which are likely already in place—will likely play a role in this. All other Tesla vehicles that have matrix headlights like to the PixCell and that are capable of displaying the Tesla logo are excellent candidates for the adaptive high beams feature.

This covers all Model 3 units from the initial update as well as the most recent Model Y and Model S/X cars. Tesla may first enable the adaptive headlights function on the facelift and then switch to its Model Y bestseller in time for its own Juniper upgrade in the summer, as the company recently delivered the Model 3 Highland in the US.

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