The Google Pixel Watch 2’s charging isn’t consistent all the time

What the original Pixel Watch should have been in the first place is the Google Pixel Watch 2. It has a far more dependable processor and longer battery life, and it still has the distinctive design that Google created for its smartwatch. However, some believe switching to a four-pin connector from wireless charging is a step back, and Reddit reports appear to bolster that opinion. Owners of Pixel Watch 2 devices have reported problems with charging.

Two reports are worth mentioning: one concerns a device that is completely unresponsive to charge, and the other concerns a Pixel Watch 2 that only occasionally charges (via Android Authority). One thing both reports have in common is that it’s unclear exactly what went wrong. The Redditor claims that in the first instance, they were able to charge their Pixel Watch 2 for four days before it completely stopped charging. The impacted individual in the other report explains that their charging cable only occasionally functions, and it is a more detailed report. The issues persisted for them even after testing out two different replacement chargers, suggesting that the watch itself—rather than the chargers—is the problem.
Commenters on both Reddit posts have raised similar concerns. Many are reporting that after a few days of use, their watches stopped accepting any charge, even though they were charging fine at first.One commenter speculates that there might be a hardware issue with the chargers, stating that it’s possible that one of the four pins isn’t returning to its original position, which could cause the watch to completely reject the charger. Fitbit models with comparable chargers also appear to experience this issue on a regular basis.

The way Google is handling the matter is also a major problem. Many of the impacted parties are informed that they will hear from support again in a few days, but they never do. Additionally, a few support staff members acknowledged that they had heard of this issue previously, which implies that it may be more common than it needs to be. It is probably best to start an RMA process right away rather than attempting to resolve the problem with assistance from support.

Over the past year, a number of owners of the original Pixel Watch have also experienced charging anomalies, as many of them have noted on the Google Support forum. It appears that Google has also slowed down the Pixel Watch’s charging speed after some system updates; the company’s official estimate has been raised by 15 to 20 minutes. This is probably done to lessen overheating and extend the life of the battery. Additionally, some owners of Pixel Watch and Pixel Watch 2 say that instead of charging to 100 percent quickly, their watches abnormally stay at 98 percent for an extended amount of time.

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