The Google Pixel Watch 3 is expected to be available in two sizes

The last two Google Pixel Watch smartwatches have received a lot of criticism for their diminutive size. Apparently, Google intends to take care of this, as per a 9To5Google source. The Google Pixel Watch 3 is reportedly being built in two distinct sizes this year, according to the source.

About the potential size difference between the two Google Pixel Watch 3 variants, no more details are available. Looking more closely at the market, Samsung is selling the Galaxy Watch 6 in 40 mm and 44 mm sizes, with a price tag of $269 on Amazon. Its selection also includes the 43 mm and 47 mm (now $312 on Amazon) versions of the Galaxy Watch 6 Classic.

The Apple Watch Series 9 follows the same narrative. It comes in two sizes: 45 mm and 41 mm (around $329 on Amazon). In contrast, the 41 mm size is the only variation available for the Google Pixel Watch models 1 and 2. Some find this size a little too small, even though it suits many people well; this is especially true when contrasted to the competitors’ larger alternatives.

Better specifications might be available with a larger Google Pixel Watch 3. For instance, it might make it possible for Google to include more sensors and a bigger battery. Bigger screens are another feature of large smartwatch alternatives, which provide better watch interaction and provide more information at a look.

In order to appeal to consumers who prefer a somewhat larger screen on their smartwatches, Google can now improve the Pixel Watch 3. It is hoped that the firm would also attend to the concerns regarding the thick bezels found on the last two iterations of smartwatches.

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