The Honda Prologue EV’s Range In 2024 Will Be 300 Miles

While announcing a plethora of new specifications for its first all-electric SUV, Honda disclosed that the planned 2024 Honda Prologue is “expected” to get an EPA-estimated 300 miles of range on a single charge. Built on GM’s Ultium platform, it has an 85kWh battery inside, the same size as the Chevy Blazer EV, which allows it to travel this distance.

The 121.8-inch wheelbase and the 11-inch driver instrument display are just two of the many exterior and interior similarities between the two cars. The SUV from Chevy’s lineup does, however, already have a known official EPA range of 279 miles on a full charge.

Both the Prologue and the Blazer come equipped with Google’s built-in software, but Honda’s electric vehicle also supports wireless Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, features that GM has elected not to offer in its EVs.

For Prologue (and Acura ZDX) purchasers, Honda will provide a number of charging package options including public charging credits. One bundle includes an 11.5kW home charging station together with a $500 incentive from Honda for home electrification installation services and a $100 credit for public charging.

According to Chris Martin, a Honda PR official, the credits only apply to EVgo and its roaming partners, which include ChargePoint. Customers may use the new HondaLink app to locate chargers, view real-time stall availability and start a charge thanks to Honda’s relationship with EVgo.

A slower (but portable) 7.6kW charger, a $250 install credit, and a $300 public charging credit are included in the second charging package option. The third option alternatively gives you $750 in public charging credits rather than Level 2 home charging options (in case you already have one or live in an apartment).

No matter which package they choose, new Honda and Acura EV customers will also receive a free trial of up to 60kWh of DC fast charging at Electrify America stations. For a free one-way road trip from New York City to Niagara Falls, that’s certainly sufficient. Just keep in mind that since the Prologue only supports up to 155kW, you won’t be able to utilise Electrify America’s quickest 350kW charging possibilities. According to Honda, a quick charge will give you 65 miles of range in roughly 10 minutes.

Early in 2024, Honda will begin shipping the first Prologue EVs, with prices starting in the “upper $40,000s.” Since the Chevy Blazer is on the list, it might possibly be eligible for the $7,500 federal tax credit. Honda anticipates selling 2 million new electric vehicles by 2030, with the introduction of 30 new models worldwide.

Honda, like Toyota, is behind other manufacturers in starting the electrification process, thus as a workaround, it created the Prologue on the GM chassis. The Prologue is Honda’s first electric car in the US since the company’s 2015 Honda Fit EV model, which met the required standards. Honda’s next electric car, a bigger SUV, is scheduled to debut in 2025 and will be built on the brand’s proprietary e Architecture platform.

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