Toyota May Soon Produce This Luxurious Crossover Minivan

There’s not much that a minivan or MPV can do for transporting the family. Its primary concern is practicality, which these cars excel in providing.

The problem is that there aren’t many ground clearance minivans and MPVs.

Of course, the biggest carmaker in Japan is well aware of this. The business debuted a tough minivan idea at the Japan Mobility Show in the previous year. The Toyota X-Van Gear Concept was its name, and it looks like it’s going into production. That appears to be supported by patent images from the Japan Patent and Trademark Office.

The patent photos, which are registered under Toyota Auto Body, seem to show the high-riding minivan in production form. Notably, the division responsible for assembling the Land Cruiser family, the Alphard and its siblings, the minivans Noah and Voxy, and the Hiace are Toyota Auto Body products.

Although the van doesn’t yet have a name, it doesn’t appear to be all that different from the concept model should this be the production vehicle. The boxy exterior, sliding doors, and high ground clearance are all still present, along with the body claddings. It is plausible that it will draw inspiration from the smaller Alphard, namely the twins Noah and Voxy. It is reminiscent of the Honda Element, which was manufactured from 2003 until 2011, however with a smaller design.

It appears that Japan is once again seeing a rise in the popularity of “adventure type” automobiles. While some models, like the Delica D:5, have been there for a while, it’s also seeing more modified kei cars, hatchbacks, and vans there.

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