Updated By Tesla Includes Defrosting of The Charge Port and Battery Age in the Range Calculation

The most recent software update from Tesla, version 2024.2.6, adds a few intriguing new capabilities. Charge port defrosting should come first. When you add a Supercharger location to your navigation system’s list of destinations, this will happen automatically, preventing any unpleasant surprises when you get there.

In relation to visiting a supercharger in the winter, if your battery is too cold for a DC fast charge when you get there, your car will indicate how long it will take for the battery to warm up sufficiently to allow DC charging to start. While there will still be waiting, you will at least be aware of how long it will take.

Next, the age of the battery will now be considered by Teslas when estimating range. “Your estimated battery range now incorporates additional characteristics related to battery ageing over time,” reads the official changelog.

The older the battery, the more likely it is that lower range estimations will be shown; nevertheless, theoretically, this should improve the accuracy of those estimates.

A very tiny percentage of Teslas in the wild are now receiving the new 2024.2.6 upgrade. It will take a few weeks for this one to go among the entire population, as Tesla often distributes them in waves.

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