Vivo Releases The Pad Air, A Considerably More Affordable Alternative To Apple’s iPad Air

The name of Vivo’s new Android tablet, in addition to its design and features, makes it a worthy competitor for Apple’s iPad Air. Customers who aren’t very familiar with technology will probably mistake Vivo’s new tablet for Apple’s iPad Air.

Was the name chosen with the intention of confusing customers? Although that is not really the reason why the Pad Air is a worthy competitor for Apple’s iPad Air, the answer is probably “yes.”

Most importantly, this is an extremely smooth tablet that looks basically the same as Macintosh’s latest iPad Air. The Pad Air has a slightly larger display than Apple’s iPad Air, which has a screen that is 10.9 inches wide and 6.67 millimeters thicker and weighs 530 grams.

The Pad Air’s 11.5-inch IPS LCD display has a resolution of 1840 x 2800 pixels and a refresh rate of 144 Hz, which is pretty good for its price.

Moreover, Vivo’s tablet is controlled by Qualcomm’s Snapdragon 870 processor, combined with 8/128GB, 8/256GB, 12/256GB, or 12/512GB memory. Going for Vivo’s new tablet will give you more choices with regards to Smash and capacity, so that is an or more.

Notwithstanding, the Vivo Cushion Air falls behind camera-wise, as the record packs mediocre 8-megapixel principal and auxiliary 5-megapixel forward looking cameras. In examination, the iPad Air highlights 12-megapixel fundamental and 12-megapixel auxiliary shooters.

Positively, the Pad Air’s 8,500 mAh battery is larger than the iPad Air’s 7,600 mAh battery. It’s additionally worth focusing on that the Cushion Air upholds different adornments like pointer and attractive console, which can be bought independently.

Moreover, considering that Apple’s iPad Air costs at least $600, the Pad Air is currently available for purchase in China for as little as $250. Obviously, cost won’t make any difference on the off chance that you favor iOS over Android.

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