VW ID.7 Pro And The 2024 Tesla Model 3 Long Range Are Evenly Matched in Real Life Range Test

It was only a matter of time until someone compared the two most well-liked electric sedans on the market, the Volkswagen ID.7 and the upcoming 2024 Tesla Model 3.

Here is a real-world range test comparing the new Tesla Model 3 LR with the ID.7 Pro, courtesy of the YouTube channel Battery Life. On the surface, the ID.7 appears to be the underdog because of its single 286 horsepower electric motor and additional 340 kg to tote around, while the Tesla is noticeably more powerful and smaller with a comparable battery capacity.

The underdog performed rather well; both cars consumed almost the same amount of energy during the 120 km/h test run, and their predicted maximum range was 413.3 km. That is remarkable on VW’s part—much bigger, heavier, and less potent—and it justifies all the additional effort the business put into the aerodynamics.

It’s interesting to note that both the Model 3 and the ID.7 used roughly the same amount of energy, using 175 Wh/km (or nearly 282 Wh/mile), despite the Model 7’s heating being set at a little higher 23.5ºC (74.3ºF) and the ID.7 lacking a heat pump.

Yes, the twin-motor, 498-hp Model 3 powertrain makes the Model 3 substantially faster than the ID.7, but it is also much cheaper (€5,000 less in Germany). The total capacity of the Tesla’s larger trunk and additional 88 litres surpasses that of the ID.7 by 150 litres, which is equivalent to two sizable suitcases.

Thus, the underdog. The ID.7 shows unexpected findings from this test. Larger, slower, and just as economical as a significantly smaller Model 3. If only the price was the same. One drawback to purchasing ID.7 in Germany is that the leasing choices seem to be significantly less expensive than those offered by Tesla. With the same 24-month term and no deposit, Battery Life claims that the ID.7 is available for around €400 less per month—a savings of almost €10,000 over the course of the two-year lease.

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