Adnan Zafar @ken_doll_dubaiii that one name heard all over social media for the best looks and creative contents

Adnan Zafar was born in Pakistan on 3rd January in the year 1989 and brought up at Faisalabad. Adnan has always been interested in Beauty treatments and fashion trends which have always been in trend but today more and more people have become conscious about their looks. With the boom in entertainment industry, and more competition in modeling as well as fashion field, the demand for good looks has come up like never before.

Known of the brands ever have been disappointed with his collaboration he brings the life to events , bring magic to the Brand and great income to any of the business he collab with Adnan Zafar have been always great support to so many brands out in the international market , he is one of famous ambassador for the Swati Lenses brands the owner her self said “ your eyes brought the true beauty out of my brand”

He’s the very first Pakistani male to work with multiple international beauty brands like Foreo, Bioderma, IS clinical, Nars, Makeup52, Izil, and Nuxe.

His hard work has paid him off as he dreams to get the Nobel Peace Medal From Pakistan. Adnan strongly believes in positivity and helping people. “My positivity my charisma is my biggest strength my kindness melts the hearts” says Adnan Zafar
His weakness is that he gains trust on people easily. Though Adnan Zafar has experienced Struggles in his life but has never given up has worked hard in order to gain success and happiness in life. His message to public includes Be yourself and make the world accept you for who you are.

It has absolutely not been easy for him to reach at this level of success He has definitely managed to put all his time and effort’s in his work to achieve a successful position of where he is today. We wish this multitasking artist a future that he has always been dreaming of.

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