Akshay Aggarwal is on the verge of expanding his FNB business to the United Kingdom.

He has set the ball rolling by establishing his first restaurant in the queens country.

He has the knack to accomplish the impossible as at the age of 30, he has done a lot more than many double his age can only dream of attempting. We are talking about the multi talented Akshay Aggarwal, son of Anil Parkash Aggarwal, who has taken his family business’s success to the next level by growing its strong presence across the country. His astute business sense backed by a brilliant mind has been one of the major reasons for him reaching such astounding heights of success at such an early age. Entrepreneurship has always been on his mind, says the young dynamic personality, and he made sure to excel in it once he completed his studies.

The family owns ‘Viney Corporation Limited’, which deals in auto components, and has been around for the past 30 years. Started by Akshay’s father, which he now has taken charge of and taken it to a much better position by implementing his ideas and strategies which have worked wonderfully for its growth. Such impressive is his standing that he is one of the highest taxpayer in Delhi. Under the watchful eye of this young gun, the company has expanded its operations across the globe with plants in India, Italy, and Romania. Their shareholding in Kafila Forge Limited, which manufactures forged and machined auto components established in 1995, is also at its all-time high. Akshay has been solely implementing step-by-step procedures to boost the company’s expansion plans, which have now established a pan-India distribution network, supplying products to OEM’s & export customers. He also has interests in distinct sectors like entertainment, NBFC, distillery and oil and gas pipelines and education.

Now, Akshay wants to take his entrepreneurial journey to the next level by stepping into the FNB industry by establishing his one of its kind restaurant in the United Kingdom. He says, ‘the plan is already in place, and soon we are coming up with our first signature restaurant. There are plans to establish multiple outlets in the coming months following the QSR business model.” The restaurants will be launched under its flagship company named ‘Yellowant Hospitality’ with his brother Anant taking charge of the operations. “I want the brand to be known on a global platform and I will ensure it will lead the industry from the front in the next few months,” ends Akshay while talking about his future vision.

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