Alessandro Cassano Is Inspiring Healthy Minds in Healthy Bodies

‘Mens sana in corpore sano.’

This Latin proverb, which dates back to the early 2nd century and is often translated to “a healthy mind in a healthy body,” illustrates our long-time association between our physical and mental well-being. While the scientific proof of this phenomenon is in-depth and well-established, a cursory recall of our human experience can just as easily verify this connection. After all, who hasn’t experienced chest pains and tightness brought about by extreme fear, or the rapid heartbeat of nervousness or excitement, or the irritable tendencies of someone who woke up on the wrong side of the bed? Such events serve as mundane reminders of the unbreakable interconnectedness between physical and psychological wellness.

It is therefore logical that any conscious effort to improve one’s well-being must work simultaneously on these two fronts. Despite this, the neglect of one aspect in pursuit of the other is all too common. Although such neglect is understandable in the face of the day-to-day pressures of personal and professional responsibilities, it can end up making self-improvement efforts counterintuitive. Without a concerted effort to manage both aspects simultaneously, such efforts can then make people all the worse for wear as their bodies or minds burn out and the other follows.

With this in mind, personal trainer, self-defense instructor, and mental coach Alessandro Cassano offers a holistic approach to personal wellness and self-improvement. Through his unique, goal-oriented approach of training both the bodies and the minds of his clients, Alessandro has worked with prominent athletes like professional football coach Marco Marchionni, rugby player Giambattista Venditti, and fighter Matteo Azzali. At the same time, his services have gotten him the attention of famous media outlets from Italy like TGCOM, ANSA, and Just Fashion Magazine as well as international outlets like Forged and The Sun.

Alessandro’s integrated training approach is backed up by his equally-comprehensive background as a black belt karateka, EWTO-certified Wing Tsun blue shirt, member of the International Coach Federation, and Italian Fitness Federation (FIF)-recognized life coach. His coaching-related educational background includes formal training in neuro-linguistic programming (NLP) and diplomas in metabolic training and weight loss and functional training for women from FIF. These, combined with his years of experience as a life coach and personal trainer, have allowed Alessandro to create a unique training approach that has worked wonders for his high-profile clients.

The newest of Alessandro’s approaches is TRIVO, an “Intensive and Definitive Goal Training” program that is centered around constant collaboration between coach and client. Its step-by-step process involves collaborative ideation of a client’s goals and mental processing of these goals through NLP strategies before culminating in concrete actions to move toward achieving such goals. Like most of Alessandro’s training approaches, TRIVO sessions are one-to-one, being tailor-fitted to a client’s physical and psychological needs. Through these methods, the sustained motivation and perseverance of clients are assured in order to allow them to achieve their goals faster and in a more functional and sustainable way.

Alessandro is currently planning to open his own fitness center in Italy while expanding his brand to bring his methods to Spain and the Canary Islands. To adapt to the challenges of COVID-19, he is also incorporating online coaching methods with every service. Through these activities, Alessandro hopes to continue achieving his mission to help others knock down both physical and mental barriers between them and their goals and, in doing so, improve their overall quality of life.

You may follow Alessandro Cassano through his website at or his social media on Facebook, LinkedIn, and Instagram at @alexcassanocoach.

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