TripleOne Introduces the Business Model of the Future

Building a business from the ground up is difficult. What is even more difficult is starting a business without the initial cash flow from investors. But, it is not impossible, and TripleOne is an excellent example of that.

TripleOne is a recently-founded company with a decentralized concept. This means that all of the company’s employees are in charge of TripleOne’s management and construction. TripleOne has employees who work on the internal development of the company. All others who join TripleOne are actually called users and they serve as the owners of the company. Each user has a vote in the decision-making process and contributes to the growth of the company.

Here is the concept that James William Awad, one of Canada’s best-known entrepreneurs and the founder of TripleOne, came up with that allows him to run the world’s first successful decentralized company.

Company Without Debt or Investors

TripleOne doesn’t accept any investments from other institutions or individuals. TripleOne currently owns 19 companies that secure the funds necessary for TripleOne to run successfully. Even though it took him a lot of time and hard work, Awad managed to start a business without any debt or investors.

One of the reasons why he decided to take this extremely challenging path is because he wanted to create a company that is based on equality and a team environment. The future of TripleOne lies in the hands of its users who make all the decisions. TripleOne employs a proprietary voting system that allows its users to decide what is “good” or “bad” for the company.

This organizational structure ensures that TripleOne will never have to make compromises with shareholders or investors at the cost of its employees. Sometimes, investors have different plans and motivations, which can cause difficulties and tension with decision-making. Investors can also add more pressure financially, mentally, and emotionally.

Complete Financial Freedom and Independence

As a company with no investors and no debt, TripleOne has absolute financial freedom that ensures the opportunity for unlimited growth of the company and unlimited earning potential for its users. The earnings at TripleOne depends on how much work a user puts in for that month.

Whenever a user participates in the overall operation of the business, they are awarded TripleOne Points. The points are awarded for completing projects and tasks, as well as sharing ideas and voting on other users’ suggestions. TripleOne Points are “temporary” and are removed from users’ accounts at the end of the month. In other words, the points turn into actual money that users receive at the end of each month.

Speaking of projects and jobs, at the start of each month new projects are suggested. Users get to vote for the projects with the greatest potential. As a result, new jobs required for completing the project are created. All users are allowed to apply for jobs, and those with the most relevant skills and experience are chosen for a job by other users.

Of course, every project requires funding to be completed successfully. TripleOne organizes an investment session on the first day of each month. During the session, a percentage of TripleOne’s cash balance is set aside for the completion of the project; the company doesn’t have to seek investors, as the money is secured upfront. To ensure that the company’s funding is used appropriately, users get to recommend and vote for the amount of money required for completing a project.

TripleOne accepts people from all over the world, with almost no requirements. The decentralized system and financial independence allow TripleOne to provide unlimited improvement and earning opportunities to all those who are disciplined, motivated, and willing to put in some work.

The beauty of being part of the TripleOne team is that every individual gets the opportunity to feel heard and acknowledged for the hard work they do. In addition to excellent earning opportunities, users also have the power to make decisions. They are the ones who decide on their futures since there are no bosses, stakeholders, or investors breathing down their necks.

TripleOne enables all aspiring entrepreneurs to share their ideas with the world and make them come true. Once a part of TripleOne, all users can have their ideas brought to life without investing a single penny. TripleOne is the only company that doesn’t accept any investments and has zero debt, yet manages to realize numerous entrepreneurial ideas every month and  reward its users appropriately for their hard work.

All those interested in joining TripleOne can sign up at the company’s website. Make sure to follow @tripleone on Instagram to stay up to date with the most recent news.

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