CEO of Xiaomi Stresses Smart Technology at the Company’s March 28 Electric Vehicle Launch in China

Since Xiaomi made its market debut for electric vehicles public in 2021, rumours regarding the vehicle have been making the rounds on the internet. When the first images of the vehicle were revealed on social media in November of last year, people described it as having a design that was a cross between Porsche and Tesla. The tech giant has now revealed that it will be debuting the car in China this month, meaning that the wait for the vehicle will soon come to an end. Xiaomi’s CEO, Lei Jun, added that the company’s vehicles must stand out and emphasise the value of smart technology.

Xiaomi is launching its electric vehicle this month

Xiaomi said on Tuesday that it will start shipping the XU7, its first electric vehicle, to China this month. With this action, Xiaomi will officially enter the very competitive automotive industry.

The highly awaited Speed Ultra 7 (SU7) sedan will soon be available for purchase at 59 of the company’s outlets spread across 29 cities, according to a Weibo post by the fifth-ranked smartphone company in China. On March 28, there will be a formal launch event where the new EV’s price will be disclosed.

CEO Lei Jun stressed the necessity for Xiaomi’s cars to stand out in a Weibo post on Tuesday. He also discussed the significance of smart technology in this new business.

Lei stated on Weibo that “Xiaomi’s cars are going from zero to one in a very different growth stage and facing very different user expectations compared to when Xiaomi’s smartphones went from zero to one 14 years ago,” as per a report from Reuters.

“Xiaomi’s cars need to be different, and the most important aspect is smart technology,” he stated.

Concerning Xiaomi’s SU7

With a stated range of over 1200 km, the SU7’s 220kW rear-wheel drive powerplant is an intriguing feature. The E-motor HyperEngine V8s stand out in particular because they have a maximum motor speed of 27,200 rpm, which allows them to produce a powerful 425kW of output and a peak torque of 635Nm. According to Xiaomi, this breaks the current record for E-motors worldwide, enabling the automobile to reach 100 mph in under 5.3 seconds.

The SU7 has technologies including Super-Res Occupancy Network Technology, Road-Mapping Foundational Model, and Adaptive BEV Technology that let it to drive itself. The car is powered by two high-performance NVIDIA Orin chips.

Getting into the hardware details, the SU7 has twelve ultrasonic radars, three millimeter-wave radars, eleven high-definition cameras, and LiDAR. The inside features a 56-inch HUD (heads-up display), a 7.1-inch rotating dashboard, and a 16.1-inch 3K central console. Passengers can install two tablets on the back seats for greater convenience.

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