General Motors Will Continue to Sell Electric Chevrolet Blazers

It was revealed by General Motors (GM) that the electric Chevrolet Blazer will once again be sold. The carmaker had already stopped selling the electric vehicle (EV) in December after finding software issues that interfered with the touch screen interface and the vehicle’s ability to fast charge.

According to reports, GM used a software upgrade to fix the problems. The business went on to say that it would develop new production guidelines for its fleet of electric vehicles using the information gathered from the Blazer’s problems.

The carmaker also disclosed that it would reduce the cost of some Blazer EV versions by almost $6,000. The Inflation Reduction Act’s $7,500 clean car tax credit, along with this decrease, may lower the total cost of Blazer models to under $50,000.

GM did mention that the Blazer LT FWD base trim will start under $50,000, but they have not revealed the exact price.

Range worry, along with the Blazer circumstances and a two-week midsize truck stop sale in February, caused GM to reduce its projections for EV manufacturing. Additionally, the business declared on a January earnings call that it intended to bring back plug-in gas-electric hybrid cars to the United States.

GM predicts it will sell between 200,000 and 300,000 electric cars in North America by 2024, according to CEO Mary Barra.

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