Evaluation: BLACKPINK, John Oliver Edition Of “Colbert” Outdrew 7 of Last 8 Episodes

Highlighting an interview with John Oliver and BLACKPINK’s debut US TV performance, CBS’ “Late Show With Stephen Colbert” fared well in the appraisals Monday.

Per a day by day appraisals impact from contender NBC, Monday’s “Late Show” drew a 3.0 overnight household rating. With that figure, the CBS program positioned as the night’s best illustration late-night program.

NBC’s “Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” delivered a 1.9, while ABC’s “Jimmy Kimmel Live” posted a 1.8.

The current evaluations information does exclude the Seattle market, yet that exclusion dubiously majorly affects the numbers.

Not sufficiently just for a nightly victory, Monday’s household performance tops seven of the previous eight broadcasts (counting last Monday’s airing). The only episode that improved the situation over that range was the live, post-State of the Union uncommon on February 5.

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