Fabrizia Lucia Franceschetti is one of the top Real Estate Agents in Dubai 

Born and raised in Vigevano, Italy, a simple girl, Fabrizia Lucia Franceschetti, turned her life upside down by aiming for success.

In fact, she is currently in Dubai where she has embarked on an important path in the world of Real Estate.

How did she achieve everything she has today? Fabrizia has always loved travelling, in fact she has a tourist diploma, she has visited many places looking for one to call home where she could be herself and love the work she does.

In a period of her life she decided to move to England where she studied the English language. Not happy she moved to Australia where she lived for about 6 years and from there she also spent months in India where she practiced Yoga and REIKI Master.

After several trips around the world like in Thailand, China, Malesya, Indonesia and Vietnam in 2018 she moved to Dubai where getting started was not easy.

We talk about the beginning of the covid when Fabrizia while in Dubai decides to open her own small business and sell ‘luxury’ masks.

Her path continued by selling yacht trips and fishing. Shortly thereafter, a Real Estate company contacted her via Linkedin because she had contacts with many celebrities. After going to the interview in which she didn’t believe much, she started her job in September.

Fabrizia immediately understood the potential that the agency had seen in her and was very proud of it.

She has encountered several difficulties along the way since it is still a question of buying and selling properties of a certain economic importance at high figures, but she has always known how to go further and follow her own path.

For Fabrizia, this work is now a passion that she more than willingly does every day.

She is not only in contact with very important people but also lends her knowledge of the country to people who intend to travel to Dubai to start a career like her.

Her goal is certainly mainly to grow in notoriety and popularity by aiming at customers from millionaires to billionaires and increasingly important.

Surely this type of work, even in the current state of contact with millionaires, is a bit of stress given the numbers she has to manage but it is part of the great challenge on a professional level and Fabrizia is doing it.

A very important message that Fabrizia wants to convey to young people is that whatever you want to achieve is not impossible, you must always commit yourself and give your best.

Indeed, during this period she is preparing several projects for young people from all over the world, with whom she is always in touch because they all have a great desire to learn and work, just like Fabrizia. Each of them has already asked her to be their guide and even to find them a job, even for free. Fabrizia greatly admires the personalities of these young people, and that’s why she is preparing a project for them, something she has never had.


Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fabrizia_dxb/ 

TikTok: https://www.tiktok.com/@fabrizia_dxb 

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